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Bridges Retreat 2016: New interpretations of the collective

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The migration crisis, the vote for Brexit, and illiberal reforms in Central and Eastern European countries are forcing us to ask what the limits of the European Union are. Difficult questions such as “Who belongs? Who is ‘one of us’? And who is this ‘us’?” cannot go unanswered because they underpin our capacity to design European policy. In light of this, we decided to focus our Bridges Retreat 2016 on the theme of The Collective.

Bringing together some of the world’s top policy-makers and politicians with cutting edge researchers and public intellectuals, our retreat took place in Florence – a symbol of the civic imagination – for two days of transformational conversations and debates, to explore a theme that underpins every aspect of decision-making across the globe.

Our speakers included: Susanna Abse, one of the UK’s leading couple and family therapists; Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow; Leading theoretical physicist Jean-Philippe Bouchaud; the Italian Undersecretary for Europe, Sandro Gozi; Co-founder of Wikihouse, Alastair Parvin; the European intellectual Jacqueline Rose; Sweden’s renowned journalist and essayist Göran Rosenberg and one of Germany’s best known sociologists, Harald Welzer.